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Job Interview

I have a job interview! With that same job prospect who contacted me before. On Friday. I don't know what to wear!

I ordered two skirt suits two weeks ago, and received notification one week ago that at least one of them was shipped. But I haven't actually received either of them yet. So I'm not sure what to do about that. One or both might arrive before Friday, but then again, they might not. Maybe I should go to a store and buy one? I'm afraid of how much they'll cost in a store. The ones I found online were only about $25 each.

I might be able to make do with one of my existing skirts, paired with one of my or Susan's blazers in a matching color. It would be suitlike but not an actual suit. I'm not sure.

I suspect I'm also going to need to buy a new blouse to wear underneath the suit or pseudo-suit. Almost all my existing tops are T-shirts, not appropriate for wearing with suits. Susan's arms are quite a bit longer than mine, and her dress shirts tend to be long-sleeved, so I doubt that any of those will work for me either.

I haven't had enough time yet to create a new outfit for job interviews. I was only laid off two weeks ago! Last time I was unemployed, four years ago, I had a purple skirt suit and a purple blouse I wore with it. The skirt didn't fit anymore, so I threw it out. The blouse fit fine but had a little spot on it, completely invisible when worn under a suit, but irritating when worn for any other purpose, so I threw it out a month ago during my move - not foreseeing that I would need to go on a job interview a mere one month later.

I may need new shoes too. Last time I was unemployed, I worked out a system of layering three different colors of pantyhose/white tights to create the impression of shaved legs under a single layer of pantyhose, without having to actually shave my legs. I need to check whether those are still wearable, and figure out what shoes to wear with them. [Update: two of the three are still good, but the top layer needs to be replaced.] I don't think my existing shoes are good for wearing with pantyhose. Susan's shoe collection might help me out there; her feet are the same size as mine.

Also, I have horrible acne on my face that showed up around the time I was laid off and refuses to go away. I think I need antibiotics to get rid of it, but I can't get those because I only have catastrophic health insurance (until Susan's domestic partnership dissolution is finalized and we can become domestic partnerized - it should be any day now). I hope they don't decide against hiring me due to being afraid of my appearance.
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