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So, About Bush Being Nominated for the Nobel PEACE (?!?!?!?!) Prize

GroovyCat said it better than I can.

Do you know, in 1938 Gertrude Stein nominated Adolf Hitler for the Nobel Peace Prize.

Please also note: Gertrude Stein was Jewish.

Poor Alice Toklas and her friends had to drag silly Gertrude out of Europe to keep her from ending up in the camps, because silly Gertrude just somehow couldn't process that even having nominated him for the Nobel Peace Prize was not terribly likely to make her into Hitler's one beloved Jewish exception.

She wasn't a stupid woman exactly; I love some of her writings very very much. But she just had this one very large screw loose, that's all. It happens that way sometimes.

Apparently some other people have a very large screw loose now, and Bush is the beneficiary this time.
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