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The Importance of Silk Tree Genealogy

If this is the Information Superhighway, then I must live in Los Angeles. On highways in Sacramento, traffic may be slow at times but it's not normally completely motionless.

Anyway: I fell asleep early without any dinner so now I'm up early eating ramen for breakfast and have mannaged to connect to the internet at a semi-mobile speed at last. I had a lot of dreams. I seem to remember all my dreams lately - almost every night I collect one or several more. The last one this morning was about silk trees. My cat Misty had informed my brother and me (Note: she didn't exactly talk in the dream but she had an extraordinary talent for communicating complex thoughts and vocabulary which, in the dream, seemed like a perfectly normal feline capability) that the silk tree in our front yard had sprouted a twin nearby - my mother helpfully contributed to Misty's still somewhat limited communication skills by informing us that silk trees had the unusual property of sending their roots hundreds of yards through the ground and from time to time another silk tree would spring up from another portion of the same tree's roots.

(Background information: in real life, Misty lived from the time I was 6 until I was 18. She also gave birth to four kittens, none of whom lived longer than a year and a half, but one of whom was the One Great Love of My Life when I was eight to nine years old. For this reason, and because something in Misty's attitude reminded me intensely of my real mother, I always sort of thought of Misty as another mother of mine. Also, about the silk tree: there were actually two silk trees in my parents' yard all throughout my childhood, and one of them is still there, but not the important one. The important one was much more climbable than the one that still remains there, and formed an extremely important part of my childhood, because I spent most of my free time residing in its uppermost branches from the time I was four until it died and got chopped down at around the same time that Misty died. In the dream, my silk tree, like Misty, was not dead yet. Also, my brother looked about thirteen so I guess the whole dream must have been set about eight years ago.)

Misty informed us that the twin silk tree was 600 paces away from ours, and my brother and I were determined to find it. My brother insisted that he knew exactly the area where the tree would be located, because he'd counted out the 600 paces himself (and to his mind, there didn't seem to be the slightest question of what direction the 600 paces would be taken in) so at his request I went with him to look around for the matching silk tree. There are rather a lot of silk trees in Sacramento though, so there were about three in the area my brother had focused on, and we were just hoping for some sort of magical instinctive recognition of "Hey look, that silk tree looks related to ours! I see the family resemblance immediately!" But the distance seemed way off to me, so finally I asked my brother just how long he'd defined "one pace" as constituting. He told me five feet. I said that was ridiculous, that was more like the very longest stride he was capable of making with a good running start, and what we really wanted to know was the length of Misty's paces since she was the one who had reported the tree was 600 paces away. So we went back home and paced out a new, much shorter, 600 paces, which left us barely at the end of our own tiny street, but it was surprising just how many silk trees were still within the 600-pace range in all directions. I never did find out which one was the twin, but I woke up making a long list in my head of all the silk trees in the neighborhood - one on each side of the corner at the end of our stree, one at the next corner over, one in the horse pasture at the other (dead-end) end of our street . . . the list was 100 percent accurate with respect to real-life silk trees, and you know, most of them may very well be related. I know the one that remains in my parents' yard is a descendant of the old climbing tree that used to stand next to it.

Anyway. That was a weird dream. There was an even weirder one before that, but the weirdest dreams are always the hardest to remember. It was something about a big five-story house shaped like a dresser with five drawers, and all the people I knew lived in all different drawers, and the U.S. Ambassadors to Germany and Canada lived in some of the drawers. And that's all I remember. Yeah.
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