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Other People's Problems

You know your life is going unreasonably smoothly when the problems you spend all day worrying anxiously about aren't even your own. I've been awaiting Frank's update on his residential crisis with such unceasing anxiety that I feel like I've been holding my breath almost nonstop for a day and a half now, and I don't even know why I should care. But something about the situation smells really bad to me. And M.A. degrees in fine arts type subjects are so economically worthless (no matter what school they come from) that I don't know why anyone would ever get one unless they were just rich and could afford to turn their income into negative numbers for a year or two of their life just for the fun of it.

It's really none of my business so I suppose I should just trust Frank's ability to make his own decisions. But I don't seem to be all that good at doing that, so maybe somebody should give me some problems of my own to help distract me. (On second thought, pretend I didn't say that . . .)

The only thing happening in my own life at the moment is the fact that I got brave enough to cut the waist hole in my tablecloth skirt, hemmed it, decided I haven't got anywhere near the skill to figure out how to put in a zipper and a fitted waist, and am now in the process of putting in an elastic waist instead. If it turns out wearable - and it's going fine so far, so I think it will - it'll be the first outfit I ever made for myself. Root for me. It's the biggest challenge I've got going right now.
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