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3 Short Surveys


Directions: Pick at least three adjectives for each.

The planet where I live is very: round, hostility-ridden, polluted, interesting.
The country where I live is very: arrogant, rich, diverse. Generally narrow-minded, but with no lack of things present that the narrow-minded people have to work very hard to avoid noticing.
The state where I live is very: big, spacious (this is not a synonym for "big" because by "spacious" I mean that the space has not all been filled with people yet), redwood-filled.
The city where I live is very: foggy in the winter, much too hot in the summer, undistinguished. And supposedly it has more trees per square mile than any other city in the country.
The street where I live is very: poverty-stricken, winding, short. Heavily patrolled by police cars nearly 24 hours a day. And it's lined on both sides by cars with tires that have been flat for months, whose owners can't afford to buy a new tire.
The building where I live is very: moldy, close to my own age, falling apart. The person next door to me had their entire balcony torn off and rebuilt a few months ago, and the dumb apartment management has just left the new boards sitting there unpainted ever since, so the building looks very half-finished now.
The chair where I sit at my computer is very: black, swivelly, new.
The desk my computer sits on is very: big, slightly cluttered, very very very heavy to move across the room (I injured my arm doing that once). It has a metal frame and a fake oak top and it's gigantic and it has to be put together in an upside-down position which means that turning it right-side up afterwards is HELL.


1) Personality trait that attracts you most? Agreement with all my strongly-held opinions.
2) Physical feature that attracts you most? Brown eyes, and distinctive eyelids. Distinctive eyelids are found in all races but as far as I've seen they're only ever accompanied by brown eyes.
3) Would you date anyone out of your race? Of course; I already have.
4) Do you like older, younger or same age? No preference.
5) Would you date someone who smokes? Yes, but it would annoy me. It would probably not annoy me as much as alcohol, though.
6) Do your dates have to be rich? They don't have to have a single cent to their names (and for that matter, they rarely do).
7) Do you prefer taller, shorter or same height? Doesn't really matter, although it intrigues me when men are shorter than me. This doesn't happen often.
8) Do you like guys with facial hair or no? I used to prefer without, but I no longer have any preference. (Only, don't shave any ridiculous shapes into your facial hair. I do have some limits.)
9) Would you want someone who is or is not a virgin? Doesn't matter, although I would tend to prefer people who have not had sex with hundreds or thousands of people, because the disease-spreading potential involved in that is sort of hard to entirely avoid.
10) Name ten important things you look for in a date? Bisexual by choice, self-loving, atheist, pacifist, book lover, possessing a sense of aesthetics not drastically incompatible with my own, not very fond of alcohol, not addicted to having a sexual partner at all times, displaying eagerness to make me happy, someone from whom I can learn things I didn't already know. Note: anyone who feels they qualify is strongly encouraged to apply.
11) Would you date someone your friend likes or used to like and would be jealous of you over? Yes, if I liked them better than I liked my friend.
12) Short or long hair? On males, maybe a slight preference for long. On females, no preference.
13) HONESTLY, when it comes down to dating a person, do looks really matter? Inborn looks, no. What a person chooses to do to their looks, maybe.
14) Biggest turnoff? Mind-numbing stupidity, as in: total inability to ever converse about any topic more interesting than the weather.
15) Preferred body shape? I dislike musclemen.
16) Who pays? Unless otherwise specified ahead of time, payment is split. Occasionally Person #1 can't afford or is not greatly interested in something that Person #2 really wants to do, in which case Person #2 offers to pay. Person #2 is usually me.
17) Do you think a guy should open & close car doors? No, I think he should stand outside them waiting helplessly until a woman opens them for him.
18) Do you think college is a must? No, but an equivalent amount of reading probably is.
19) Do you really date people like the one you just described in questions 1 through 18 or is it just a description? It's quite accurate, aside from the fact that I haven't actually been on a date for over four years.
20) Last person you flirted with? If giving compliments in a serious tone counts as flirting, it was probably Frank. If we stick to the narrower definition of flirting as joking banter, it was probably Raven and before that, Delfe.
21) Last person who flirted with you? That depends on whether Raven's raised cyber-eyebrow counted as reciprocal flirting. If it did, then he was the last person. If not, then the last person was either Frank or Delfe, I don't know which. But again, Frank doesn't really flirt. He just gives compliments.


[last CD, tape, vinyl you bought]: Nickelback: Silver Side Up
[last magazine you bought]: ::thinks really hard:: I bought a copy of The Advocate once when I was a freshperson in college.
[last thing you bought]: gasoline
[last book you read]: Gabriel García Márquez: News of a Kidnapping
[last program you watched on TV]: Enterprise
[last time you felt close to a nervous breakdown]: November
[last time you had a haircut]: When I was in second grade.
[last piece of clothing you bought]: Does the tablecloth I'm trying to make into a skirt count?
[last time you felt sick]: December
[last time you were scared shitless]: November
[last time you lost your wallet]: I've never lost my wallet. I lost some of the money in it once, but that was back when I was about 18. I would greatly prefer never to lose my wallet, ever.
[last time you saw God]: Never.
[last time you played a musical instrument]: About a year ago I fiddled around unskillfully with my keyboard. But I only played the vocal line, because I'm not just being humble when I say I'm unskilled. I'm completely untrained and can't really play a thing. Don't ask why I felt the need to buy a keyboard.
[last time you went to the cinema, to see what] ::thinks hard:: It must have been the latest Star Trek movie. Quite a while back.
[last thing you ate]: Cornflakes. Am still eating them.
[last time you were inspired]: All the time, just in varying degrees.
[last time you wanted to fight someone]: Physically? Never. Certainly not if that would involve them hitting back. I've never liked being hit.
[last time you left the country]: Never.
[last time you took a shower]: Oh great, I knew there was something I'd meant to do last night instead of falling asleep immediately. Three days ago now. Damn it, and if I'd remembered that when I woke up at 3:30 a.m. I'd have had time to take one and still let my hair dry in time for work. I could take one now too, but my hair wouldn't really dry for four hours. ::feels hair:: It seems to be dealing very well with the lack of washing so far, actually, so I guess I'll just leave it alone for another day.
[last thing to happen that changed your life]: UnFrank being an idiot.
[last time you got ripped off]: That would be the ivory velvet dress affair.
[last dream you had]: Described in my previous journal entry. I seem to remember dreams all the time lately; I'm having an awful lot of them.

Okay. Off to work I go now.
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