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Star Trek Dreams and Other, More Important But Sadly Less Realistic Ones

Last night I dreamed I was buying chocolate Easter eggs with Star Trek brand names on their wrapping paper and planning to give them to Raven - and his older sister, Morgan. And maybe his younger sister too; I guess that would depend on whether she likes Star Trek. Anyway, I woke up and logged onto LiveJournal and immediately discovered that Craig just dreamed about watching Star Trek: Voyager with me. So there seems to be some kind of Star Trek/LJ dream going around. Let's complete the chain - who had a Star Trek themed dream about Craig last night? And Raven, which LJ user did you have a Star Trek themed dream about last night?

In other, less pleasant and less silly news, please read this and call the toll free number given at the end of the article and give them hell. Frank summed it up better than I can: "thanks for your astonishing courage and all that. sucks that you're a fag or we could do something for you."
Tags: dreams, war/terrorism
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