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Milk Dependency

Last Friday, just before I went on vacation, I stockpiled food so I wouldn't have to ever get dressed or go out anywhere during my whole 5-day weekend. But on Tuesday my last gallon of milk went sour (it wasn't due to yet; I'd planned ahead very well but the expiration date lied) so since I absolutely hate having to venture into the outside world during my vacation time, I decided to just force myself to suffer the next 48 hours without milk. But the withdrawal symptoms were terrible. There is nothing I can eat without any milk in the house. Due to my extreme culinary laziness, the only two meals I eat on a regular basis are cereal and macaroni and cheese from those little cardboard boxes. Without milk, I can't have either of them, and many of my occasional backup meals like pudding are also rendered impossible. Besides, I need fluid and the only fluid I like to drink in mass quantities is milk.

So after I got off work today I went to the store and bought myself two new gallons of milk that both promise not to expire until August 15th.

My milk addiction is now placated, and I am once again a happy baby calf.

Except for one thing: I know there must be a perfect drug-related word I can fill in the "mood" space with - something about having taken one's dose and quelled one's cravings. I want to say it in just one word, but I can't think of the right word, and I even resorted to my thesaurus (which I hardly ever use because it never contains the words that I want) but, well, it didn't contain the word that I wanted. Someone give me a word, please. I need a word.

On another note: while looking up drug-related words in my thesaurus I was quite surprised to find out that black_pearl has had heroin named after her. Somehow I'm always the last</font> (make that "second to last" - Black_Pearl herself seems to have been last) to learn these words. Why is that?

Okay, it's too late to manage those 16 hours of sleep now but I definitely must get in as much as I can, starting this very minute. Good night.
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