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Actual Search Strings

. . . via which visitors have arrived at within the past two weeks:
  • bar acceptance speech
  • consisting queerness dissidents instrumentation destructive [Nonsense! The queerness of the dissidents on my site consists only of non-destructive instrumentation!]
  • hairy-breasted women
  • hermaphrodite hyenas
  • homosexual actors nurture statistics [Oh? Do they really? No, wait, I think the information this person was searching for is . . . well, but of course queer men's propensity for becoming theater majors is surely genetic!]
  • laotians scuttles fixates kerchief groaning [Yeah, I know: the fact that someone is fixated on finding websites about kerchief-clad Laotians scuttling around makes me groan too.]
  • queerness expirations hegelian cautioning cornelius [That's right - how dare those darn Hegelians go around cautioning Cornelius? And by the way, who is this Cornelius person anyhow? Well, whoever he is, I really think any fears that the cautioning of Hegelians will cause the expiration of his queerness are quite unwarranted.]
  • see my exwife [I dunno, are you this person's ex-wife? 'Cause I know I'm not.]
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