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Look Out, There's a Disembodied Dick on the Loose!

While searching Google for information on same-sex marriage in Sweden, Denmark and the Netherlands, I somehow triggered an ad for "interracial porno." (Apparently the ad-targeting system is not aware that the large majority of people from Sweden, Denmark and the Netherlands are all of the same race as one another. Or maybe it's just an ad that comes up anytime anyone types the word "sex" in any context.) Anyway, the ad said: "INTERRACIAL PORNO: BIG BLACK DICK FUCKS WHITE GIRL!" And I'd just like to mention that it's a sad state of affairs indeed when in a story about an apparently disembodied "big black dick" (I sure don't see any mention of there being a brain attached; do you?) fucking an apparently underage female, our society's priorities are so confused that the fact that the disembodied pedophilic dick is of a different race than the female child gets higher billing in the headline than the fact that, well, who on earth has ever before heard of any disembodied dicks running around fucking children?
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