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Prison Visitation

FRANKAQ: last week this time i was headed for the prison
QBC 101: how did that go?
FRANKAQ: i am very glad i went even though i had little idea why i was doing the visit
FRANKAQ: everyone should visit someone in prison
FRANKAQ: the moment when you get to leave and they don't is quite memorable
QBC 101: ah
FRANKAQ: he looked really good and was talking a good talk as well
QBC 101: i'm surprised by that
FRANKAQ: i think that's why i visited to get a better appraisal
FRANKAQ: oh most masculines talk a good talk in prison
QBC 101: lol
QBC 101: ::tries to imagine myself in prison and fails hopelessly::
FRANKAQ: or the army (same thing)
QBC 101: right, i don't think i'd wanna be there either.
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