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Look Who's Here!

The illustrious and inenarrable Jason C. (okay, so I just flipped through the dictionary looking for alliterative words to decorate my sentence with; what's it to you?) from my queerchoice mailing list has just joined LiveJournal today, and I'm feeling quite giddily delighted about it. He hasn't made any entries yet, which means he's not ready to be dragged into the spotlight yet; but I'm dragging him anyway, pushing him onstage without any of his lines ready. Because, hey, I'm nice that way. :-)

His friends list is all empty and sad-looking. Go befriend him. Now.

Also, I took a major step in the evolution of my relationship with LiveJournal today. I put my check in the mail this morning to purchase a permanent account (yes, they're being sold at the moment - and PayPal was mean and horrible to me and wouldn't let me give it my money online, so I had to resort to mailing a check). I've never paid a cent to LiveJournal before. I guess I'm an all or nothing person.

Olga has started an email correspondence with me. I shall go answer her email now.
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