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He Names EVERYTHING Slim Shady

FRANKAQ: i bought a turtle for my pond, named it Slim Shady and watched it dive into the pond and I haven't seen it won't come when I call it. I think I should drain the pond find it and return it?
QBC 101: lol
QBC 101: do you think it's alive?
FRANKAQ: no idea
QBC 101: turtles are supposed to live a really long time
FRANKAQ: could have taken off to another yard
FRANKAQ: but diff to get itself out of the pond and i keep thinkin well that would be stupid of it since it was in a cage in the store and the pond is sort of like moving to the Ritz or whatever of turtle living
QBC 101: lol
QBC 101: do you still have fish in the pond?
FRANKAQ: yes lots of fish
QBC 101: maybe it likes the dark?
QBC 101: deep down underwater - the Shadyness
FRANKAQ: well i think for $13 it should show itself now and again
FRANKAQ: very rude
QBC 101: how long ago did it dive down?
FRANKAQ: Monday noon
QBC 101: how big was it?
FRANKAQ: hand size
QBC 101: how deep is the pond?
FRANKAQ: 18 inches but lots of growth on top now so hard to see
FRANKAQ: i was sure i spied it yesterday as all these plants were moving like being eaten or shaken but it turned out to be one of the large black fish which are like goldfish but black
QBC 101: you could feel around for it
QBC 101: provided you haven't got anything dangerous in there
FRANKAQ: i'll just keep watching for it
FRANKAQ: its very relaxing the 'turtle watch'
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