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My mother wrote to me:
"Did you know Rita Mae Brown is coming to Sacramento? The Bee Book Club is sponsoring her latest Sneaky Pie Brown mystery 'Catch as Cat Can.' She wil be giving a speech that is free to the public on Thursday, March 28 at the Grand Ballroom 1215 J St. . . . She will give a talk and there will be a question and answer session and then she will autograph her new book . . ."
She wants to know if I want to go see Rita Mae Brown with her. If I don't go, then she won't either. I'm quite undecided at the moment. Somebody tell me whether I should bother, please.

P.S. At work they're going to let me edit the Federal section of our book! The Federal section is considered really hard and in order to get promoted you have to prove you're a good enough editor to edit the Federal section. Only one person is allowed to edit the Federal section per year. (And none of you have the slightest idea what I'm talking about, I know. Oh well.)
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