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A Happy, Productive, Friend-Making Day

Posts like this make me all warm and happy inside. Jaime is my new friend. She even joined my mailing list and posted a member profile today.

Lately I've been slowly getting around to trying to update the Queerchoice Member Profiles section of my website to include profiles of a somewhat less tiny fraction of non-lurking members. Currently, many people who've been active participants in list discussions for over a full year are not profiled on my site, simply because I haven't gotten around to compiling their posts and asking their permission to post them. But I compiled a few last weekend and asked permssion, and got a response back from Keen, so the profiles section is slowly growing. If you're on the list and you've de-lurked, especially if you've posted two or three messages or anything of substantial length, and you don't have a profile posted yet, then I'll probably send you a compilation of some of your list-posts soon and ask if you want them posted to my site as a member profile. Maybe I'll even get around to sending out some of those today (particularly Jason's, whose absence I find most glaringly inappropriate), if I can manage to dredge up a little willpower to be that responsible and productive. I also added links to Lentrot's and Jayelle's LiveJournals from their member profiles today.

On another site-related note, here's the latest batch of really weird search terms via which visitors arrived at last week:
  • queerness orientation inseparable lil sabbatical

  • nasty sanford adjudicated queerness relativism

  • queerness decremented resided reflected treaty

  • identical twins one boy and one girl
Assignment: try to compose a coherent sentence using all of the words from any of the first three search strings above.

"Queerness as an orientation is inseparable from taking a lil sabbatical from the heterosexual institution . . ."

That doesn't make it sound like much of a serious, long-term or meaningful commitment. But I bet it's an accurate description of what queerness is like for somebody, somewhere. And it does capture a certain sense of fun that I like. Hey, it might help recruit some people!

Also, the last search phrase, about identical twins, piqued my interest and I searched for it myself: apparently the Twelfth Night identical twin arrangement is possible, sort of. If one twin loses a Y chromosome during the twins' split, then the XO twin is mostly female-looking. And theoretically, I suppose, if an XXY embryo split into twins and one of the resulting twins lost an X chromosome in the split and the other lost a Y, they could come out as "identical" twins with one XY boy and one XX girl . . . but I suppose the odds against that many such unusual events occurring in a single pregnancy are sort of ridiculous. Besides, they wouldn't actually be "identical" exactly, they just wouldn't be fraternal either. Half-identical. Interesting concept.
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