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Happy Weekendness

This has been a lovely weekend. I chatted with AlienDreamer, Arsenothelys, Asrai_D, Dlfke, Embryomystic, Jason M. from the queerchoice mailing list (s/he doesn't have a livejournal, but was using the chatname TransLiberation), MoistGrrlUK, RogueBear, SubtlyIronic, and Volsi all together in the #QueerByChoice chatroom on DALnet. We competed with each other to see who was wearing the most interesting socks (Arsenothelys won, by wearing mauve socks with yellow geometric shapes on them). And in the midst of all that . . . my LiveJournal permanent account finally got processed!!!!

I am happy now.

I also posted a Queerchoice Member Profile for Jason C. (not the same person as Jason M. mentioned above).

And go read this wonderful entry by Arsenothelys, who was responding to a homophobe, starting with the reply, "You're absolutely right. It's perfectly possible to 'be taught' to be gay; in fact, I taught myself to be gay! It's one of the best things that ever happened to me . . ."

There are so many nice brilliant loveable people showing up lately. I wonder where they've been all my life.

Now I shall go fiddle with my fancy new permanent account and see if I can figure out how to make it do anything fun.
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