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Journal Coding Blahs

I'd been planning to do something with the ever-so-popular "Refried Paper" LiveJournal style, but after attempting to make 100 million different modifications on it I finally admitted to myself that the bottom line is that just really think the whole thing's irreparably ugly. I do like the idea of having all that space for links down the side, but I absolutely hate every single one of the fonts, the link styles, the colors, the date formats, the lack of any pretty banner across the page with the start of a new day, and most of all I intensely hate having the little "Security: Public" lines spelled out in words instead of using the neat little padlock icons. (That part annoys me even on other people's journals; most of the other details only become annoying to me when I have to be personally associated with them myself.) So after spending a few hours trying to rewrite every last detail of it and insert all the portions of this journal style that I like much better in its place, I finally just came to terms with the fact that I'm really much better off starting with this basic journal style that I actually don't utterly abhor and trying to make only a few modifications instead of 100 million of them.

The current barely-modified format of my journal is certainly not final; tomorrow or sometime when I'm more awake I will probably change the color scheme a whole lot and add the same rainbow background that's on my website to the background of my journal. But I don't think there's any hope for me and the "Refried Paper" style to get along.

Oh, and I want to figure out how to add a "Current Book:" link along with the music one. That doesn't seem to be controlled by the styles page so I'm thinking maybe it involves overrides? I don't know. I'm tired and I'm going to sleep now but I will investigate further sometime soon.
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