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The Art of Perfectionism Versus the Art of Tolerance

A LiveJournal comment, from Richard Evans Lee to me, which I happened to like:
"You are so intolerant. Which isn't a criticism."
This is true. I'm extraordinarily intolerant of all kinds of things that I think it's good to be intolerant of. Not generally to the extent of wanting to kill people, I mean, but I do inform people that I think less of them for certain things. Most people are capable of so much more than they bother to accomplish.

Currently I'm mostly busy just being intolerant of all my prospective LiveJournal styles, but it's the same personality trait as my intolerance of people. There are also only about six foods in the world that I can stand to eat, for the same reason. I'm the pickiest person in the whole world about pretty nearly everything. Sometimes it would be nice to be more easily pleased, but at other times being intolerant can be a good thing.

My journal's appearance is slowly evolving toward what I want. I think I'm still going to end up fighting with the "refried paper" thing again eventually though, and trying to create a sort of half-and-half hybrid of the two styles. I like the setup of the individual entries exactly the way I have them, but I'd rather make the upper and right hand edges of the screen surrounding the entries bear an approximate resemblance to the "refried paper" format. And unfortunately I can't really just copy and paste the pieces in directly, because the table cells don't intersect right at all and I end up with a hideously disturbing jumble of garbage. I hate coding tables. But really, I think there's still hope that I'll sort it all out someday.
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