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Look at Me, I'm a Famous Artist!

Eeep!! Somebody put a piece of my art in an online gallery displaying the work of Sacramento area artists and I never knew about it.

The craziest part of it is that the particular piece of art they chose is one that I made from nothing but the screensavers that come with Windows 98. I ran the "3D pipes" screensaver, took a screenshot, copied the screenshot over three times to make it symmetrical both vertically and horizontally, then fed that image into the "3D maze" screensaver, and thereby produced my "art." And now I'm getting referred to as a "Sacramento area artist" because of that.

Hey! Maybe if I made my contact information a little easier to find from my art pages, people would start offering me money to purchase my screensaver doodles! Do you have any idea how many screensaver doodles I could produce per day if I tried? At approximately five minutes per screensaver doodle, I can mass-produce these things and make a fortune!

But no. The problem with computer art as a medium is that there's no such thing as an "original" copy of it that you can sell for millions of dollars to some crazy museum-owning art dealer somewhere.

Oh, and . . . sadly, none of the artists I'm acquainted with who actually display their art in galleries around here (which I do not bother attempting to do with my own, because if I got all ambitious about it I'd have to spend more time and effort on it, and I only feel like doing it as a three-or-four-times-a-year hobby) are represented on that website. Just me, and a bunch of strangers.
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