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Some Search Terms Via Which Visitors Arrived at This Week

  • yo ladyboy thai
  • yo yo ladyboy thai (What, one "yo" wasn't enough for you?)
  • sissy bitch husband (Yes dear, we all want a husband like that.)
  • sweden cultural traits (Sorry, I'm no expert on Sweden's cultural traits, but I can refer you to several people who are.)
  • sheep loving men (Um, as a matter of fact I don't think I can refer you to any experts on what I think you're looking for . . .)
  • agfay (Hello? Speaking Pig Latin to search engines is not a productive way to spend your time!)
  • love links (You know, any search engine that refers people who enter two such overwhelmingly common words as that to my website must be like, my absolute biggest fan ever.)
  • unable exclusivity queerness semicolons polyhymnia (Uhhh . . . this person wins this week's prize for most disturbing search request. For the record, Polyhymnia is the name of the ancient Greek muse of religious songs and hymns. Not that this clarifies anything at all about what this person was searching for!)
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