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Poor Chuck Finley!

For the first approximately 22 years of my life I was a huge fan of baseball, and specifically of the Anaheim Angels (formerly the California Angels). When I moved out on my own at age 21 and two-thirds, I deliberately gave up baseball because it was using up too much of my time on a meaningless mainstream male-centric leisure activity and besides, my team had an annoying habit of disappointing me at the last moment year after year and I was sick of being disappointed. Also, I was severely annoyed with the Angels for getting rid of one of my very favorite players, Chuck Finley, who'd come up from the Angels' own minor league system and stayed with them for 14 years and been an extremely good pitcher for most of that time and each time that another of his contracts expired he'd always immediately express a heartwarming eagerness to settle for less money than he'd get offered elsewhere if only the Angels would agree to let him keep playing for their team that he loved so much. And he just seemed like a really nice guy and I very much liked to watch him pitch.

I don't pay any attention to baseball at all anymore these days, but I just stumbled onto a headline about Chuck Finley. He's 39 now and apparently his 40-year-old wife, actress Tawny Kitaen, whom he married 5 years ago, was arrested on Monday for spousal abuse after beating up her husband so badly that two days later he still was not recovered enough to make his scheduled start and in fact "did not feel he could make it to the ballpark" at all.

He's obviously not violently inclined himself, because a 40-year-old woman who physically attacks a 39-year-old 6'6" 220-pound major league pitcher and doesn't apparently end up with any significant injuries of her own after she finishes beating him up must clearly have been dealing with a man who was trying very hard not to hurt her in the process of defending himself.

He was also trying to drive the car while she was kicking him in the arms and legs with spiky high-heeled shoes, grinding her high heels into his foot and pressing it into the accelerator sending the car out of control, and trying to twist his ear off with her fingers.

This poor man. And now most of the country will undoubtedly be making fun of him for months for having been beaten up by a woman, having to get a restraining order to keep her from beating him up again. He deserves better. People should be nice to Chuck Finley. Please do not beat up my Chuck Finley! Violence is not a good solution!

I want to go give Chuck Finley a hug.
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