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My parents put their house up for sale yesterday - the house that I lived in for the first 22 and two-thirds years of my life.

Today they sold it already. For $227,500.

I want $227,500.

But all I have to sell is an ancient car I bought from them for $1,000. Somehow I don't think I could re-sell it for $227,500.

I don't really understand at all why my parents want to move out. They're looking for a place in the foothills of the Sierra Nevadas, some redwood foresty area with winding mountain roads and no big cities anywhere around. They tell me that they both grew up in small towns and they've never been city people. My father actually grew up right here, in Sacramento, the same city where I did. He says it was a small town back then. But he grew up in the downtown area, in the exact part of it most notorious in the whole city for gangs and drive-by shootings, and he says there were plenty of gangs and drive-by shootings in it back then too, so that doesn't make it sound anything like a "small town" to me.

When I was a kid there was a big horse pasture at the end of our street with several horses and some sheep and occasional cows and other animals. Directly across the street from us there were some people with a bunch of chickens and a rooster. And on virtually every streetcorner anywhere in the neighborhood there were additional horse pastures. At least 85% of those horse pastures are gone now, filled in with new houses. But I did grow up in an area that looked somewhat rural for most of my childhood.

It didn't make me want to retire to some obscure hillside in the forest, though. My ideal place of residence would be San Francisco except with the property values reduced by 90%.
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