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I know I'm asking for trouble and all, after being the one who complained about spelling errors in LiveJournal interests lists once before, but I just can't resist observing how very few people read the actual instructions. The instructions on the LiveJournal interests list clearly state that the interests should be phrased so as to fit logically into the sentence, "I like _____." However:

2360 users and communities report that they "like gay."
1000 users and 168 communities "like bisexual."
906 users and 152 communities "like lesbian."
813 users and 87 communities "like queer."
352 users and 59 communities "like transgender."
147 users and 29 communities "like dyke."
66 users and 22 communities "like transsexual."
36 users and 17 communities "like fag."
17 users and 10 communities "like transvestite."

This adds up to 6,241 instances of extremely weird grammar.

Also, I'm extremly surprised to learn that Frankepi actually likes identity politics.
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