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My Latest Major Friends List Overhaul

I was mean today, and removed a dozen or so people from my friends list. Mostly I removed very prolific writers who update their journals more often than I do (not a particularly easy feat). Try not to bear a lifelong grudge against me or anything.

I also added a whole bunch of people to my other journal's friends list, because I hardly ever remember to update that journal's friends list so it was sort of out of date. Since I haven't updated that journal in months it makes a pretty painless friend, but also a pretty uninteresting one. Um, I should write another entry in that journal someday. Yeah.

I read this journal's friends list obsessively and the other one more relaxedly. But sometimes there are people I just can't keep up with on a regular basis but whose existences I do want to remember to check in on occasionally, so then I add them to that journal's list.

Oh, and if you're one of the three or four people whom I've added and removed and re-added and re-removed about half a dozen times, then I sincerely hope I'm not doing any harm to your sanity. I'm just weird that way.
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