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I Am Here! I Feel Like Seaching! I Want to Eperiance!

On the dirty ground amidst the ivy at the foot of the stairs leading to my front door, someone has left a sign. The sign is written on large white posterboard in brown crayon. The sign says:

I am here
I feel like seaching
I want to Eperiance

In this sign can be found the meaning of life.

In other news, the California Department of Motor Vehicles, which has been the bane of my entire existence ever since acquiring a car, and which evilly double-billed me so many times this past January, telling me each time I called them that I shouldn't worry and wouldn't have to pay the bill, but then each time subsequently sending me more bills with late penalties added and extremely nastily worded threats to seize my car or put me in jail, that finally I got so sick to death of them I paid everything they asked for just to get their nasty threatening presence out of my mailbox and make them quit adding new late penalties that I supposedly owed them . . . has now miraculously admitted their error. They finally got around to feeling guilty about the theft and sent me a refund check for $90 overpayment today. Although this is better than nothing, I must note that they held onto it for four months in the meantime so really I should charge them late penalties. I don't forgive them for their threats of imprisonment and car seizure.

And sent me my books today. They sent me everything I ordered. In fact, they also sent me one that I didn't order. Thankfully, they kindly refrained from charging me for the free gift. It's called The Pocket Louvre by Claude Mignot. Not something I would have volunteered to pay for, but it actually looks pretty cool. It has pictures of the pictures in the Louvre. Maybe I should thank them. Unlike the evil DMV people, they actually give me stuff.

I'd recount the titles of the other newly arrived books for you too, but I actually listed them all in a previous post on the day that I actually placed the order.
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