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Fahreheit 451 (Judith Levine)

A huge number of people have put an almost unfathomable amount of effort into trying to prevent you from being able to read this book. I suggest that this should get your attention, and that at the very least, you can certainly spare a few minutes to read the interview with the author.

An excellent excerpt:
"Sex has changed because of AIDS. But the question is: What are we going to do about that? A good example is to look at the gay, middle-class urban communities during the height of the AIDS epidemic during the '80s. Their strategy was to use a sexually open culture, a culture of enormous sexual creativity, and lots of public discussion about sex (and even public sex!) [to combat AIDS].

A sexually open community was able, through that very openness, to stem the tide of the infection. Now when we see who is getting HIV, it's people who live in communities that are often repressive about sex, certainly repressive about homosexuality, where people are outside of the institutions where they might be able to get good sexual information."
Thanks to pomobarney for the link.
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