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Unconventionally Complex Ways of Defining Sexual Preference

I had a brief but pleasant email exchange with Larry Kurdek this weekend while updating my links to the new location of The Multidimensional Scale of Sexuality which he co-authored, and would like to express my appreciation of it by recommending that you go read it and take it yourselves. I don't agree with its exclusion of everything people experienced under age 18 from consideration in its scoring, but that's an easy enough line to disregard and the rest is still very interesting. Personally, I score highest in the "Sequential Bisexual" category, but have also in the past (virtually by definition) scored high in both the "past heterosexual, currently homosexual" and the "past homosexual, currently heterosexual" categories. And back before I chose to be queer, I would have scored exclusively heterosexual.

The Klein Grid, invented by Fritz Klein (author of a book with the very queer-by-choice-inflected title The Bisexual Option), is another measurement system that takes into consideration far more complex experiences of sexual preference than are normally contemplated, and is also worth a look.
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