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Finding My Job Search Legs

My resume is now as completely perfectly organized and updated as I know how to make it, and is set up in two different delightfully snazzy versions, one of which takes full credit for all the accomplishments I'm really proud of (this version is unlikely to be sent to anyone other than Routledge, which can't possibly find me objectionable since they perpetually publish identical ideas about queerness in their books), and one of which presents only my paid employment history and formal education, making me out to be a safely 100% apolitical being (which, indeed, my current employer is still under the impression that I am . . . I'm very good at passing for, well, probably not a straight person exactly, but a person whose interests in life are either extraordinarily bland or extraordinarily unmentioned).

This is an accomplishment. Do I have to write a cover letter too? I don't feel like writing cover letters. I suppose I should look through the cover letters I wrote after college graduation to try to remember what I'm supposed to say in those things.

And I need to know what editing is like at other publishing companies. I only know what it's like at mine, and I have a feeling that mine isn't very comparable to the larger ones. Please, I need one of the several people around here with editing experience at other companies to provide me with detailed descriptions of what editing is like at other publishing companies. I want a minute-by-minute play-by-play of your typical workday, written out in excruciating detail.
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