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In Which Pekky and I Solve All the World's Emotional Problems in 5 Minutes Flat

StrangePekky: I can't speak for anyone else... but I have discovered that people does not like to feel lonely, and they feel precisely what they don't like
StrangePekky: Or at least, that's my impression
QBC 101: you mean whatever i most dread feeling that's what i'll feel?
QBC 101: ::tries to figure out what i most dread feeling::
QBC 101: misunderstood
QBC 101: that's what i most dread feeling
QBC 101: i'd much rather be alone than in the company of a bunch of people who misunderstand me
StrangePekky: But you are brave
StrangePekky: You stand for your ideas no matter how misunderstood you feel
QBC 101: well yeah because . . . misunderstandings can usually be corrected
StrangePekky: A lot of people who feels misunderstood tend to change their minds too fast
QBC 101: hmm
QBC 101: you're right tho that most people seem to feel lonely all the time
QBC 101: the weird thing is that they're mostly all surrounded with people all the time
StrangePekky: I find no other explanation
StrangePekky: Yep...
QBC 101: whereas i'm alone almost constantly and i'm almost never lonely
QBC 101: maybe if they tried being alone more often they'd be less lonely
StrangePekky: I agree
QBC 101: ::smiles::
QBC 101: ::feels understood!!!::
StrangePekky: People seem to be afraid of being with THEMSELVES
QBC 101: oh yes definitely
StrangePekky: It can be scary
QBC 101: whoa, i need to quote this in my LJ
QBC 101: ::highlights text::
QBC 101: ::laughs::
StrangePekky: I think it is basically because when you are with yourself, you are honest
StrangePekky: You cannot hide from yourself
QBC 101: well
QBC 101: you HEAR yourself
QBC 101: you NOTICE yourself
QBC 101: you notice what you need
QBC 101: and your needs are so obvious to yourself
QBC 101: and you have nothing else to do while alone but address them
StrangePekky: Exactly
QBC 101: so naturally, you do address them, and you solve them, and then you are happy!!
StrangePekky: But then, many of your needs contradict what society thinks you need
StrangePekky: and if you are not brave, it will make you feel miserable
QBC 101: yeah but when you're alone you can hear yourself over the shouts of society
QBC 101: you get your priorities in order then
StrangePekky: Exactly
QBC 101: Pekky, we're so brilliant
QBC 101: we've solved all the world's emotional problems together in just 5 minutes!
StrangePekky: We are philosophers :-)
QBC 101: :-)
QBC 101: 'kay, now i DO have to go post this
StrangePekky: Now... The world needs to listen
QBC 101: exactly. and i shall make sure they all hear it.
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