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My Childhood Bedroom

See this picture? It's one of KSuzy's LJ userpics:

It also happens to have been a poster on my bedroom wall when I was in junior high and early high school. There were two posters by the same artist, done in the same style, both with pinkish-purple skies and blonde tanned Barbie-like female stereotypes (the blonde tanned thing annoyed me, although the rest of the stereotype didn't; ideally I'd have turned their hair dark brown and their skin ultra-pale white and freckled to make them look more like me), and I thumbtacked them up side by side so they were framed by the fake canopy of my bed. (I wanted a canopy, see, but I didn't have a canopy bed, so my mother bought two matching bedspreads and two matching sets of curtains, and put one bedspread on my bed and stapled the other bedspread to the ceiling above my bed, and put one set curtains in my bedroom window and sewed the other set of curtains to the bedspread that was stapled to the ceiling.)

After being extremely surprised to find one of my old posters on KSuzy's journal, I managed to track down a picture of the other poster as well.

That's how my bed was set up the day I decided—while sitting on it, right there in front of those posters, surrounded by rainbows (do you think it was the power of suggestion?)—to turn queer. Those posters were still there then. And you know Madonna's video for "Papa Don't Preach"? Well, the rainbow curtains in Madonna's pretend bedroom in that video are my curtains. They're from the exact same set as my rainbow bedspread/curtains/canopy set was.

Later, during my junior or senior year in high school, I took down those posters and replaced them with Depeche Mode posters. Martin Gore was shirtless and wearing a black leather harness. It looked a little odd when framed by a rainbow canopy, I suppose. But I kept the rainbow canopy and the Depeche Mode posters in place all the way through college and until I moved out. I didn't bring the Depeche Mode posters with me when I moved; I decorated my apartment with David Bowie posters instead. And no more rainbow canopy, either.

It was great though, while it lasted. When I first got the rainbow canopy installed I was 11 years old and I was completely absolutely ecstatic about it.
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