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Maybe I Should Post Something Here Before I Fall Asleep Again.

Nadine complimented my website. That was nice. I added her to my friends list for it. She has really cool glasses, too. I like people with cool glasses. I have cool glasses too.

I've been trying to write Gayle's Personal Manifesto on Transsexualism in response to some recent posts on the Queerchoice mailing list, but I have no time or energy left to accomplish it. Already days have passed and others have written lengthy responses that I haven't even gotten around to reading yet. It's sad though, because I have some things to say that it's extremely unlikely that anyone else will say for me.

Anyway, since I was too tired to accomplish anything useful, I decided to waste some time taking silly tests. I scored 95% on the Optimism Test. Does this mean that the world is really in even worse shape than I think it is?

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