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Sertoli Cells

From Dictionary of the Future, by Faith Popcorn and Adam Hanft:
Sertoli Cells — cells located in the testes that are being studied for their ability to prevent damage in stroke victims. The first step was to prove, in vitro, that sertoli cells protected brain cells from dying after the effects of a stroke were simulated. It worked. Next, rats injected with sertoli cells within a day of a stroke were found to have less damage, and fewer movement handicaps[,] than rats that were untreated. Further research needs to be done, but an encouraging start has been made. Additional good news: because sertoli cells don't trigger an immune response, they can be used in both women and men.
Wow, old-fashioned sex is really being outdone these days. Elderly couples will now curl up to go to sleep in each other's arms, happy in the romantic knowledge that the testicular cells of one partner have been implanted right into the other partner's brain. Whose testicular cells do you want implanted in your brain?
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