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I just realized, today of course, that I omitted the first accent from the word résumé. Grrr! This tends to make me want to pull all my hair out. Upon further consideration, though, I fear I'd look quite terrible bald, so I'd really better not.


Dear Prospective Employers: You know that brief time frame after sending a book to press where you can suddenly find a last-minute change that needs to be made and get the change issued in time to not cause any harm? Well, if putting a letter in the mailbox were the same as sending a book to press, that time span wouldn't have elapsed yet. I'd still have time! Please, consider this an emergency call to stop the presses and make a correction after the press date has technically passed.

No, wait! My lovely LiveJournal friends have pointed out to me that the online dictionary which tried to inform me that the word resumé requires two accents is incorrect. Resumé is an acceptable alternate spelling! So my two-time school spelling-bee-winning internal spelling dictionary hasn't suddenly failed and misled me after all.

*large sigh of relief*

Really they should hire me. They definitely should. Please, universe, just make sure they realize that.

On another note: Did you know there's a town in New Mexico named "Truth or Consequences"? This gives rise to all kinds of interesting sentences, like "I was educated in Truth or Consequences" or "I practice law with a Truth or Consequences law firm." It amuses me. I recommend that more cities be given names like that.
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