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My bosses at work have been making "We're going to promote you any minute now, really soon, any second now, we're just about to do it" noises at me for rather a long time. Lately, however, the decibel levels of those noises have been increasing to almost deafening degree, so that I can't see how they can possibly increase the decibel level any further without actually promoting me. Today they upped the ante by making a "First thing tomorrow morning we're going to have you try doing the job we're planning to promote you to, so that we can make sure you're trained in it before we start paying you for it" noise. I don't suppose it makes any substantial difference to my life or my job search, since in view of how they've been laying off 10% of the employees it's extremely unlikely that any promotion I could get would involve very much actual money - there just isn't really any money around to be given out. So I really consider it already resolved that I'll be leaving for New York sometime before 2003. Still, my ego would definitely appreciate the promotion, and my r?sum? curriculum vitae (why do the accented e characters suddenly not display correctly in this entry, whereas they had worked just fine in a previous one?) would look prettier with two promotions on it instead of one.
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