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Income and Expenditures!

I just purchased a digital camera from Frank, via his place of employment. Since I seem have an odd mental block about ever getting the film developed in my regular camera, I've known for a long time that getting a digital one was the only way I was ever likely to obtain actual pictures. And this particular digital camera was shockingly cheap. I mean really shockingly cheap. Under $40! And it was out of stock because everybody wanted one because it was so shockingly cheap. But it shall be re-ordered. I suspect I'll have great fun with it whenever it gets around to arriving.

My job has been fun the past couple of days. My current assignment is to re-edit stuff that other, less experienced editors have already edited. The reasons why this is actually way more complicated than editing things that haven't ever been edited before are probably more complex and unintelligible to non-coworkers than it's worth bothering to try to explain here, so I'll just state for the record that it's dizzyingly challenging and that's an extremely good thing. I don't get challenged enough and I've been loving it. However, I'm almost done with that assignment now so that means I'll probably have to go back to a less fascinating ordinary routine until there's some further signal from the powers that be to continue assigning me fascinating new projects I've never been allowed to do before. No matter; I was sufficiently delighted by this one that the gratitude's going to last quite a while.
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