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Designer Binder Divider Tab Labels

The problem with old-fashioned non-digital alarm clocks is that you can't ever set them to allow you more than 11 consecutive hours of sleep. However, I went to bed early last night and collected 11 very badly needed hours of sleep, before being unnecessarily awakened at 6:30 a.m. and left with nothing to do but surf the internet for the next hour and 15 minutes. I did get enough sleep to be feeling significantly more functional today than yesterday, at least.

Before being awakened, I was having a dream in which, in anticipation of Mister Krista's arrival in Sacramento, I was preparing a gift. The gift consisted of a binder divider tab label. Yeah, one of those little one-inch long strips of white paper that you write a subject on and insert it into the divider tab. No actual divider or binder was included in my dream though - just the little label thing. I wrote "I am Krista!" on one side of the label and "I am special!" on the other side. However, it still seemed a distressingly unimpressive gift (er, binder divider labels do have a way of seeming that way . . .) so at the time I was unnecessarily awakened by my alarm clock, I was in the process of browsing wood stain patterns in an interior decorating store, in search of a nice-looking pale wood pattern which I would paint onto my little paper binder divider tab label as a nice artistic background for the ballpoint pen words "I am Krista!" and "I am special!"

Yesterday I claimed that if she's to become the official first Internet Person I've Ever Met in So-Called "Real" Life (well, sort of - I met some fellow students at my college via a college email list before meeting them around campus, but I don't feel like that counts), Mister Krista is surely obligated to live up to urban myth tradition by being extremely disturbing. However, if I were to present her with an elaborate wood-pattern-painted paper binder divider tab label upon arrival, maybe I could be the one classified as disturbing.

I must not get enough visitors around here. Upon being given any prospect of having a visitor, I'm suddenly compelled to have odd dreams about preparing extremely strange welcome gifts.
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