Gayle Madwin (queerbychoice) wrote,
Gayle Madwin

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A Mass Funeral for LiveJournal Friends

R.I.P. bitchclaw
R.I.P. cosmeticorder
R.I.P. espionage
R.I.P. foldingspace
R.I.P. mollylip

There's a major epidemic of journal deletion spreading among my friends for the past few days. I'm tired of finding out every time I log on that a new old friend has unexpectedly vanished. STOP VANISHING! I DEMAND THAT MY FRIENDS STOP VANISHING!

Grrr. You are all (what few of you remain, now that your numbers have been thus decimated) hereby notified that I do not like having my friends vanish. If you wish to go away, couldn't you at least leave your journal intact for the rest of us to reread and reminisce about together?
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