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Meandering Stream-of-Consciousness Entry to Fill Up My Lunch Break

It's thundering!

Thunder is fun.

The weather is extremely weird lately. All over the country, apparently.

On Saturday I was dying of heatsroke. Admittedly this was ridiculous of me, as absolutely no self-respecting Sacramentan should EVER claim to be dying of heatstroke on a day when the high is 70 degrees. Nonetheless, I've never been a very good Sacramentan. I wilt easily in heat. Anytime the sun shows its face at all, I never fail to be irritated and tell it to go away.

But today it's thundering and raining and very, very dark.

Yesterday I finally gave in and bought a better CGI search script for my website. Soon my website will be extremely beautiful and have a search engine that works much better than its current one. But first I have to adjust all the installation instructions to satisfy my weird idiosyncracies. For example, I hate using javascript. So really I have to rewrite half the code of the search box interface. I think the main reason I paid money at all instead of writing it from scratch is just for the satisfaction of knowing that any frustrating flaw in the program is up to me to deal with, and there aren't any further easy ways out with the use of a credit card.


My Queerchoice Mailing List turned three years old eight days ago and I've been thinking that over and feeling a need to substantially redesign my website, which hasn't been significantly updated in far too long. Some of my planned changes involve the verbal substance, and others involve the visual presentation, but all will be exciting improvements when I can put them into effect. I'm actually holding off on some of them just to wait for others so I can redesign the layout just once to accommodate all the changes simultaneously.

In the meantime, the list itself is quiet and I have done nothing to start conversations. Possibly I'm ignoring it too much. On the other hand, a quiet list is more manageable for a lot of people to remain subscribed to. I don't know - I've been in a quiet mood lately, and although I've been mulling over its birthday for a week without even talking to it, I have been putting a lot of time into improving its website. Maybe there's a place for introverted, quietly contemplative birthdays.
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