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This Is My Brain On Toast

The combined total amount of thinking I've been allowed to do in my entire two and a half years on my job does not add up to half as much as I did today.

Macros, macro modules, subroutines, templates. How to convert a subroutine from a particular macro module on my hard drive into its own separate macro module and copy it to a template on the network and make the template load automatically into Word as an add-in at startup on every computer on the network.

My brain is utterly fried.

We used to have a computer expert who did these things for us. She got a new job elsewhere and quit. So I attempted to fill in for her today.

I got the job done, sort of. The details of how I accomplished it are not entirely aesthetically pleasing; it was more of a desperate patched-together solution because I couldn't figure out how to implement any of my more aesthetically pleasing ideas. But it's functional. It'll serve the purpose.

However, none of the people in the building who understand enough about computers to really appreciate what I accomplished are aware that I even managed to get myself assigned such a task. And I don't have any reasonable excuse at the moment for approaching any of them and mentioning out of the blue "By the way, I accomplished this!" Especially since they're vice presidents and so I, a lowly Associate Editor, do not get much opportunity to go anywhere near them.
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