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A Beautiful New Search Engine Has Been Born . . . with Birth Defects!

Gaaah! My brand new search engine has very very very very strange kinks in it, including:
  • If you search in the search bar at the top of the page, you get about ten times as many search results as you do if you search in the search bar at the bottom of the page.
  • Sometimes the search is case-sensitive, and sometimes it isn't. You have no way to control whether your particular search happens to come out as case-sensitive or not.
  • Sometimes the same page shows up listed in the search results several times. Possibly even a whole lot more than several times.
  • The engine has a weird preference for beginning its excerpts from the search result pages wherever a punctuation mark such as a comma, semicolon, or period occurs. This would be a good thing, except that it includes the punctuation mark, just hanging there in empty space with no words in front of it.
  • Whenever the small number of pages on my site that have meta tags show up in the search results, the meta tags are included in their descriptions, and I don't want them to be.
  • Why oh why will it not stop putting those silly bullets in front of everything?
  • The bottom search bar won't do a thing if you click the actual "Search" button. You have to press "Enter" on your keyboard to get it to work. Yet the "Search" button on the top search bar works fine. Crazy search engine.

Yet it all looks so pretty at first glance. And even with all its flaws, I still find it more useful than my old search engine, just because at least it highlights the words being searched for and includes them in its excerpts of the search result pages.

Or rather, most of the time it does. That's another of its idiosyncracies. Every now and then, it returns a result without a single search term highlighted or included in its excerpt.

Anyone else have a preference between the two of them?
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