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You Are All Invited to My Funeral

Weather under 75 degrees Fahrenheit = functional Gayle
Weather over 75 degrees Fahrenheit = half-dead almost-corpse of Gayle lying face down on bed with one dozen fast-melting ice cubes piled all over the back of her head and neck and back, completely unable to breathe/eat/sleep/talk/think/function-in-any-way-at-all, while the constantly-running air conditioner utterly fails to ever bring temperature down to liveable habitat for Gayle-people.

Current temperature in this region of Sacramento: 84 degrees Fahrenheit*

* helpfully informs me, however, that it "feels like" only 82 degrees, due to a low humidity level of 20%. Apparently 82 degrees is still WAY TOO HOT FOR ME.

I seem to be having a bad weather-tolerance year. I hate to think what I'll be like when actual summer arrives and the temperature goes up another 20 degrees.

Since I think I'm going to die if I stay in here any longer, I'm now going to go drive around pointlessly until my car's very effective air conditioner manages to put a slightly more comfortable distance between me and my mortality.
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