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I Almost Forgot to Write This Important Letter

Dear Fashion Designers,

I was intrigued to discover yesterday that you've opened a huge new line of skirts for men. Of course, it would have been nice if you'd openly acknowledged them as being skirts for men, instead of just designing them so that they don't fit right on any post-pubertal woman on earth, and then filing them in the women's section anyway; but I commend you nonetheless for your progressiveness. Yes, I just love trying on size "small" skirts (which nearly always fit me) and being shocked to find out that they're not wide enough to pull over my hips - and then switching to a "medium" only to find that (a) the hips are still ridiculously tight, and (b) the waist is about eight inches bigger than mine and doesn't stay up at all.

Of course I do not doubt that experienced professional fashion designers such as yourselves would be well aware that the average female does have hips about ten inches wider than her waist, just as I do; my measurements could hardly be any more typical for a female than they are. So clearly the fault cannot be yours. Instead, the naive teenage salesladies working at the store clearly failed to recognize that these progressive skirts were designed for men, and foolishly misfiled them in the women's section. Though I must admit to being a little confused as to how that could happen in a store that doesn't actually have a men's section, but rather carries an entire storeful of clothes which all claim to be designed for women, every single item of which turned out upon further inspection to have been obviously designed to fit male bodies only.

Yet I suppose these things happen. But please do contact your retailers and correct the misfiling problem, because otherwise your reputation will surely be tarnished in the minds of ignorant consumers who, like the teenage salesladies, foolishly imagine that just because it's a skirt, it should naturally be designed to fit female bodies.


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