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Strange Men Climbing on My Balcony

If there's any creepier way to be awakened than this, I haven't experienced it yet.

I stayed up till 4 a.m. last night. Not for any very good reason, but it was a Saturday night and I didn't see any reason why I couldn't sleep till noon on Sunday morning.

Today at 9 a.m. sharp I awakened to the sound of someone pounding the metal knocker on my front door. Since my apartment is essentially all one room, this pounding was extremely close by and I jumped about 3 feet straight up at the sound of it and woke up instantly. I couldn't answer the door because I naturally wasn't dressed for that, but I went to the front door to peer through the glass peephole and ensure that it wasn't some kind of surprise apartment management visit. (They're supposed to give me written notices in advance, but when you're sitting around undressed and you know that complete strangers own the key to your apartment and may very well be knocking on your front door preparing to enter, it seems wise to keep an eye on them so that if they take out anything that looks like a key and start inserting it into the lock on your front door, you can frantically apply your weight to the inside of the door and scream at the top of your lungs for them to let you get dressed first. For anything short of that, though, I just pretend not to be home.)

There were two guys standing outside, but they didn't look terribly official or anything, and they didn't take out a key. After a few minutes they left. I went back to bed, but after the adrenaline rush of being awakened to the threat of a home invasion, I found it hard to go back to sleep immediately. (Normally I fall asleep instantly within less than 30 seconds of making contact with the pillow.) Then about five minutes later a loud hammering began somewhere on the same wall that my bed is pushed up against. At first I thought it was just a momentary thing that would soon go away, and it sounded like it was down on the first floor somewhere, like maybe my downstairs neighbor was hanging a picture on the wall. But it didn't go away, and I couldn't possibly hope to sleep with that racket going on, so after a while I peered through the blinds to find out what was going on.


They've been at it for 45 minutes now and they're still there, not ten feet from me as I type this.

I so much hate my stupid apartment management people for doing this first thing in the morning on a weekend and not even notifying me that they were going to.

Through a weird stroke of actual good luck, last night I actually remembered to close and lock the sliding glass door that leads onto the balcony before I went to bed last night. I'd had it open for hours to cool my apartment off since at night it's coooler outside than it is inside. Otherwise the situation would be even creepier.
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