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MY NEW CAR!!!!!!

I just finished writing out a check for $12,372.18.

And I brought my new car home with me!!!!!!

I had not planned to actually buy a car today. Only to look. We went to three dealerships, my dad and I. But at the third one, my dad said the price I was asking for was really good and he'd be surprised if I got it. In fact, he said I shouldn't even look at the car that I ended up buying because it wasn't realistic to expect that we could talk them down to my price range. But I took it for a test drive anyway, and I said, "Yes, I like this car very much but you're asking $16,000 for it and I can't pay any more than $12,000 so we'll just have to look at something else instead." But they didn't have anything else similar so they had to keep trying to sell me that one instead. I asked for the Kelley Blue Book retail price (it was $13,500ish) and I told them that was still way to expensive so I'd just go look elsewhere, and I got up to leave but they made me sit down again and kept bringing the price down and down and down, until then they said they'd just charge me $12,661 out the door (including tax and license and fees) and I said no, I couldn't go a cent over $12,000 so it just wouldn't work. So my dad and I left and got in his truck to go home, and I was sad because I really liked the car and I knew that technically I could afford it and I'd probably end up going back to buy it anyway, but I wanted them to lower the price. I asked my dad what the odds of them calling me with a lower offer were, and he said he thought it was about a 50/50 chance. I was terribly sad to have to leave it behind but then just as he turned the engine on and started backing out, they came running out to ask me if $12,300 would be okay, and I still said no, not a cent over $12,000, and they said hold on, let me go back in and maybe I can get you $12,100, we just can't do $12,000, won't $12,100 be low enough, you can get an extra $100 from your dad, can't you?" and my dad said, "no she can't, she's 25 years old and it's her own responsibility to pay for her own car," and the saleslady said, "Boy, first-time buyers aren't supposed to be this tough," and the salesman said, "She's not going to be a buyer at this rate, I don't know if I can get permission to go as low as $12,100 and she won't even give me that," and I said "I'll give you $12,050" and he went back in and came back out and he wasn't smiling so I thought all was lost but then he said:

YES! The car was mine for $12,050 out the door. (Although I didn't actually quite get out the door at that price because then they managed to sell me a $300 security system somehow (not an alarm; it's a thing that prevents the engine from starting unless it senses the presence of a little thing on your keychain). Grr. But they wanted to sell me more than that and I turned them down on most of it so I think I'm okay with that arrangement. By the time they brought that up my dad had decided his duties were properly fulfilled and he went home to have dinner and left me to take care of the rest by myself.)

Anyway, I got home, and the car is mine mine mine mine MINE!!!

It's a 2001 sort-of-silvery-with-a-tint-of-gold Nissan Sentra GXE with 20,755 miles on it. And I am terrified to drive the thing because it's so expensive and so unfamiliar and so much beyond anything I've ever dared to drive before.

Now all I can do for the rest of the evening is pace the floor full of my adrenaline rush and peer obsessively out the windows every three seconds to re-admire my shining new $12,000 acquisition.
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