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Need to Stay Awake Late? Skip the Coffee - Just Buy a New Car!

Despite having gotten less than 5 hours of sleep the night before (thanks to the scary unexpected men climbing around on my balcony with hammers), I only managed to sleep for about 3 hours last night. I absolutely never have any trouble sleeping, no matter how much stress I'm under, but apparently excitement is a whole different matter. The adrenaline rush just won't end, and even after laying in bed with wide open adrenaline-rush eyes all night I'm still not showing any signs of slowing down or feeling tired. It's a bit weird. But then, I already knew my adrenaline glands are a bit overactive, because the amount of adrenaline that is used to make novocaine is sufficient to push me over the edge into convulsions, so I have to write on all the medical allergy forms for doctors and dentists and such, "Please do not ever inject me with novocaine, because if you do I will shake uncontrollably all over and it will be impossible for you to work on me."

Thankfully I'm not shaking uncontrollably at the moment. Though I am pacing sort of uncontrollably in endless loops between my car and my front door. After successfully updating my insurance policy, I tried to take my car to put gas in it, but I arrived at the gas station and got out and stared in bafflement at the door to the gas tank because it doesn't have any keyhole in it like my old car's so I couldn't figure out how to open it. I got back in my car and pushed every single confusing unidentified button on the dashboard and door trying to figure out which one might open the gas tank door, but I couldn't find anything and the other people at the gas station were giving me funny looks so I went home and continued my search for gas tank buttons in my apartment's parking lot. Eventually I successfully located the button, which is, for whatever strange reason, hidden under the driver's seat. Very weird. Anyway, I didn't quite feel like driving immediately back to the gas station then, so I continued playing with all the other confusing unidentified buttons for quite some time. You probably have no idea how much time someone who's never had power door locks before can spend doing nothing but locking and unlocking doors both from the inside and with the remote control from outside. And opening the trunk with the remote control versus the key and such. I am easily fascinated today.

Perhaps I shall go back and get gas now. How exciting! The car doesn't even really need gas that desperately; I'm just so terribly eager to buy it something.
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