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I slept for four hours, but now somehow I'm awake again. Aren't I supposed to need more than twelve hours of sleep total over the course of three nights? When will this end? Will I never be able to sleep through the night again?

I have a lot of things I desperately need to get done, but number one on the list is to figure out how to sleep again, so I guess I'll go back to bed and try again.

Oh, but but before I go: Compatibility Test

My match with jodawi
92% friendship compatibility
96% relationship compatibility

How Compatible are You with me?

I have very nearly zero faith in this test, because my actual willingness to put energy into befriending or having relationships with people seems to depend at least as much on the similarity of their politics and belief systems to mine as it does on any of the generic personality questions on this test. However, I'm sure this test will soon be all the rage all over LiveJournal, so I figured I might as well get in my own answers now to get it over with.
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