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Technological Problems, Continued

Called parents at their new house, in a new area code, long distance. Weird experience for phone call to parents to be long distance.

Dad answered phone. Shrieked to him in my most agonized voice at the top of my lungs for several minutes, something along these lines: "Daddy, Daddy, my car radio doesn't work and I want to scream and throw things! Help, save me!"

He said to look through my papers in search of a bumper-to-bumper warranty and, if I couldn't find one, to call the dealership and ask if I had one, and, if they refused to fix it, then to call a radio place and pay for them to fix it. He then asked if I wanted to talk to my mother. I said yes. He called her to the phone, briefed her on all the information I'd just finished shrieking into his ear, and put her on the line. I then turned my volume up yet another notch and shrieked to her something along these lines: "Mommy, Mommy, my air conditioner doesn't work and I'm being broiled alive and my stupid apartment management idiots are too incompetent to get it fixed before Monday at the earliest and I want to go on a homicidal rampage murdering all apartment management idiots! Help, save me!"

She was making sympathetic noises until I got to the part about the homicidal rampage. Then she said, "Oh, I was just picturing you dead on your floor of heatstroke. I didn't think there was any danger of you being the type to go on a homicidal rampage."

"Yes, but their stupidity is just so . . . unforgiveable!!!!" I screeched.

She made more sympathetic noises but didn't say anything to try to dissuade me from the homicidal rampage plan. She must have great faith in her success at instilling nonviolent behavior patterns in me.

Got off the phone. Went to read through the legal papers pertaining to The $12,000 Car That Doesn't Even Get FM Radio in search of warranty details. The only thing I found was a very clear one sentence statement saying that the car is provided as is, with absolutely no warranty, express nor implied. But that can't be right, because their salespeople spent hours specifically telling me what a fantastic warranty I was getting, how any number of specific things that might go wrong would be fixed by them absolutely free anytime I wanted. Somehow they only said these things aloud, and provided me with papers stating only the exact opposite.

Refrained from panicking and called the dealership anyway. "Hello, I just bought a car from you last weekend and the FM radio button and the CD player buttons don't work. Is that one of the things you'll fix for me for free?" They gave me an appointment for next Saturday at 8:00 a.m. and claimed they will fix it. I sure hope so.

I still feel on the brink of a nervous breakdown, but I'm a few inches further away from the extreme brink than I was yesterday evening.
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