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I Hate My Lazy Incompetent Slumlord!

Air conditioner = still broken
Homicidal rampage temptations = still tempting

My apartment has developed a distressing tendency to fade away underneath me, leaving me swaying unsteadily in near-darkness, about to keel over. After a few seconds the apartment re-steadies itself and comes back into clear well-lit focus. The problem is dehydration, which happens to me anytime the weather is warmer than approximately the freezing point of water, but which happens all the more often when the weather is all the further above the freezing point. If I drink vast volumes of fluids, it goes away; but when it's 85 degrees inside like it is today, I have to keep drinking them nonstop constantly in order to keep the world in clear well-lit focus - and frankly, I get tired of it. At this point, I'm quite sick to death of every form of fluid nourishment whose existence I've so far discovered, and I would really very much like to cease ever imbibing any of them for at least the next six months. But I can't even get away with taking a brief half-hour break from pouring ever-more gallons of the stuff down my throat, or my body starts doing scary unhealthy dysfunctional things to my sense of balance and visual perception again.

I'm fantasizing about printing up some T-shirts saying "I HATE MY LAZY INCOMPETENT SLUMLORD" and going door-to-door within this complex selling them to everyone as my revenge.
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