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"Why Does My Bestfriend Go Back to Me When I Hit Her?"

This person has been asking me questions on every single day for most of the week, but they are becoming progressively more disturbing with each one asked.
Question asked of QueerByChoice 6/3/02:

Well my first question is Should I be bisexual if I have a girlfriend? the other question was am I bisexual since I have fantasies about guys and women? and lastly Should I tell my girlfriend I'm Bisexual or never bring it up?

"Hitting women"
Question asked [by the same person] of QueerByChoice 6/4/02:

My question is why does my bestfriend go back to me when I hit her and when her ex hits her she'll still go by me? next question why is it when I call my girlfriend a Bitch she'll go back to me, even if I threaten to hit her she'll go back to me, does hiting them make me a woman-beater since I do it lightly some people in chat roioms think I am one? and last question why do women who have a boyfriend alot of the time keep a secret from them? Eric
I am now tempted to go back and change my answer to the earlier one to say: "No, you should definitely not be bisexual. Please spare all of us the bad name of being associated with you. Harassing one gender is quite enough already, and I'm sure the queer males of the world will be much happier without you around."

However, restricting his dating to females will probably not decrease the number of people he'll harass, so I guess that's the wrong way to go. I think I should say: "No, you should not be bisexual, you should be homosexual and also realize that the only people who really turn you on are six-foot-six Hell's Angels with biceps a foot in circumference, who either will not feel a thing when you 'lightly' hit them, or will be fully capable of squashing you to death like a flea between their fingertips the first time you try it."
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