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The Creepy Guy Won't Leave Me Alone!

The guy I already complained about in a recent previous entry seriously doesn't know when to shut up. I bet he's a stalker as well as a "woman beater."
Question asked of QueerByChoice on 6/4/2002:
Well thanks for that infor, well question my bestfriend sometimes lets me hit her lightly and she does keep that secrect is spanking as bad as that?
QueerByChoice declined to answer on 6/5/2002:
I would like to go back and change my answer to your first question, the one about sexual orientation. I think that the only people who would really turn you on are six-foot-six Hell's Angels with biceps at least a foot and a half in circumference, who either will not feel a thing when you 'lightly' hit them, or will be fully capable of squashing you to death like a flea between their fingertips the first time you try it. I think this will teach you many important lessons in life. Enjoy!

Question asked of QueerByChoice on 6/5/2002:
Dear Queer By Choice I have a few more questions I need answered, well my first question is How Come when she's around me sometimes she tends to bend over in front of me she does it to no-other guys expect me does she want me to lightly spank her because I rubbed her butt before and she really enjoyed that or does she just want me to lightly spank her? second question is, Why does my bestfriend(Female) always let me hit her for fun or when I'm upset, because I think my girlfriend may soon allow me to do that samething? and Final Question Will my old girlfriend go back to me or are we thourgh because I went back to my girlfriend when my other girlfriend said I'm taken and I have been happy ever since I've ben back with this Girlfriend I almost made her miss her ride well we were talking and hugging?
QueerByChoice declined to answer on 6/5/2002:
I'm sick of answering your creepy questions. Go ask somebody else from now on.
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