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Miscellaneous Blathering

The big problem with having a new car is that I suddenly have this need to drive! drive! everywhere! all! the! time! even when I have absolutely noplace at all to go, just because it's suddenly so exciting to drive! drive! anywhere! at! all! in my look! lookatmyfancyamazingnew$12,000careveryone!!!!

Suddenly having only a 7-minute commute between work and home actually feels disappointing instead of fantastic.

Also, my inconveniently noisy new air conditioner managed to wake me up repeatedly all night long. However, trying to sleep in 100 degree weather had a tendency to do the same thing, so, well, at least it's still no worse an arrangement than before.

Token Political Gesture to Make This Entry Contain Something Other Than Boring Self-Centered Blathering:
Go here. Contemplate the Impending Return of Joe McCarthy and J. Edgar Hoover. Do something. If you're an American, find your nearest congressional representative, grap him or her by the collar, and shriek at the top of your lungs nonstop.


Oh look, my boss just brought me files to send to press! Today is one of those rare days at my publishing company where we actually finish and publish stuff. My break is over now and I get to go publish. Yay me.
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